Focused on issues that impact Montana Business

The Montana Chamber of Commerce represents you, taking action at the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. When the Montana Chamber speaks, decision makers listen.

While we tirelessly work on your behalf, we encourage members to take action and make their voices heard on critical issues impacting their business interests. Read below to learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can make a difference for Montana's business community.

Strategic Plan

Whether it's promoting infrastructure development or reducing the cost of doing business, we’re always looking out for our members’ best interests. Explore the four major objectives of Envision 2026, our ten-year plan to create the most optimal business climate for Montana.

Montana Justice Coalition

The legal reform subsidiary of the Montana Chamber, this stakeholder group reviews judicial activity that impacts business in Montana. Our biennial Judicial Review summarizes important cases and trends in our court system.

Voting Review

The Montana Chamber’s comprehensive analysis of legislation impacting business during Montana’s biennial legislative session.

This is your go-to source for information on important bills to business and the voting behavior of our Legislature and Governor. If you are interested in archived Voting Reviews, please contact Kimberly Seligman.

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