Additional Publications & Resources

Beyond our efforts to enhance Montana’s business climate with boots-on-the-ground action, we produce some of the most timely and detailed reports on the State’s economy.

If you are interested in past publications, please contact Alexandria Klapmeier.


These focused, issue-specific reports represent an effort of the Montana Chamber of Commerce to educate members on pressing issues in a concise manner. We outline the background, problem, and Montana Chamber of Commerce solution in each brief. Many of these briefs are relevant beyond a single session and therefore span several years.


Interim reports are periodical Montana Chamber of Commerce updates between Legislative Sessions that let our members know what’s going on with legislative committees, the enactment of bills, bill drafting, and other news.


The Business Base (B-Base) is an annual poll of Montanans conducted by research firm Moore Information. This report indicates the public's perception of business, support of relevant policy proposals, and other key data points. This survey helps determine the degree of business-friendliness for each legislative district of the state.


The Prosperity Plan reflects Envision 2026 objectives: building a qualified workforce, reducing the cost of doing business, promoting infrastructure investment. This plan outlines our legislative agenda for the upcoming session with policy priorities that address our core objectives.