Additional support Programs

We offer businesses saving on the little things that impact day-to-day operations. From office supplies to e-marketing, these programs add up over time. And, most importantly, they help professionalize your business.

Office Choices

Partner with Office Depot to offer members outstanding discounts. Members may receive up to 60% off 195 commonly purchased items. Other items are discounted at least 5% more than even low web prices.

e-certify certificates of origin for exporting

Many countries require Certificates of Origin to receive American made goods. The Montana Chamber partners with eCertify to process electronic Certificates of Origin. eCertify turns costly, time-consuming and inefficient paper-based processing of Certificates of Origin into a streamlined, online process. Rates are $40 per Certificate of Origin, with a $35 discount for members of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, Montana Manufacturing Association, and the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center. Click below to register online. And watch the videos below to learn how to use your account.

Watch a VIDEO to see how to set up a profile in eCertify.

Watch a VIDEO on how to process Certificates of Origin online using eCertify.

Watch a VIDEO on how to create PDF Certificates of Origin using eCertify.