Montana Retirement Choices

The Montana Chamber of Commerce has created a retirement program that opens the door to affordable, institutional-caliber retirement plans for your company and employees. Partnering with Pentegra and UBS, Montana Retirement Choices steamlines services and fees to create a low-risk, affordable program.

This is a terrific option for businesses who think they can’t offer a retirement plan or for businesses who have a plan in place, but want to off-load risk. Montana Retirement Choices offers solutions for all businesses, including start-ups, small businesses, and large companies.


  • One-on-one meetings with plan adminstrators to customize you plan to you.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • Flexible plan designs.
  • Frequent participant communication and education.
  • Economy-of-scale on pricing.

For a free analysis of your existing plan, or to start a new plan, call UBS Laureate Wealth Management at (406) 256 – 7132.

The Discretionary Trustee: Pentegra Retirement Services is the MEP’s “Discretionary Trustee”, ERISA §3(16) Named Plan Administrator, and fiduciary investment advisor.  Pentegra puts their name on the Plan Document and Form 5500.

Proactive engagement is initiated by the UBS Laureate Wealth Management team.  As the advisor, UBS provides guidance to business owners and company executives as to program options and plan design. UBS also delivers education to participants regarding plan options, investment choices, enrollment procedures, and retirement planning.